The Settlement – Take It Slow (2019)

Since 2015, Calvano, Bakesy, Matty, Harry and Jim have been building up a fanbase as The Settlement. The five-piece uses their unmistakeably versatile sound and stage presence to amaze. Their single ‘Take It Slow’ is a stride forward after their 2018 single ‘Loving On You’.

The song is a compelling listen and is based on how you can be your own worst enemy. It considers how we can often overthink things and complicate our lives when we don’t have to. This subject is tackled with a musical refinement and maturity that is beautiful to hear.

‘Take It Slow’ slowly draws you in with an evocative opening. The melody has this airy note that floats around you while the driving percussion gently pushes you forward. There are shadowy tones that draw you into the emotion of the track. This is a great addition to the track because it creates the undertone of an enemy. There is a maturity to this melody that is wonderful to hear and a real treat for the ears.

While the melody draws you along the track, the rhythmic baritone vocals are a smooth flood over your senses. The performance is emotive and easy to listen to. The vocals create this velvet layer that drives the lyrics and message of the track home. The build-ups in the song are also perfectly controlled remaining as smooth as the verses.

The Settlement takes a look at being your own worst enemy in ‘Take It Slow’. The track uses driving percussion with a smooth baritone vocal performance to ease you through the subject and give you some hope.

Find out more about The Settlement on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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