Sunny Disposition – Full of Reasons (2020)

Cally Bartlett (cello), Brad Murray (guitar, vocals), Brendan Bartlett (drums) and Kirsty Letts (bass) came together as Sunny Disposition and released their debut EP in 2005. Since then, they have been rocking countless gigs across Sydney and Melbourne. Now, the folk-rockers have released their latest EP Full of Reasons.

The music on the EP has been on the shelf for a while, but life had been in the way. The pandemic offered the band the chance to remotely reform and present a continuation of their mellow rock sound. Their captivating folk-rock vibe to the sound of a cello is on full display in this short EP.

The EP starts with ‘Denial and Bliss’ which draws you in with this driving guitar line and engaging drums. The cello adds a haunting current to the track that perfectly leads to Murray’s vocals. His vocal performance has a rawness to it that drives the lyrics home.

‘Light Foot’ has a lighter opening with a melodic acoustic guitar line. There is something pleasant about the melody of this track that sets you at ease. This slower rhythm with some tinkling notes complements the cello in a different way from the opening track. The lightness of this track is also present in the lyrics and vocals.

‘Rain On Your Parade’ has a different drive to the melody but continues the folk-rock vibe the band is known for. While the drum is this heavy beat, the cello and guitars act as a counterpoint to ease the melody. There is a simmering anger lurking in this track with a hint of frustration. It is a very interesting song because there is a slowness to it that undermines the anger in the lyrics and vocals. The melodic arrangement is amazing on this song and worth focusing on.

The last track is ‘Infection (Acoustic)’ which is the longest, but also one of the most captivating. The driving acoustic guitar opening sets the mood of the track and is an utter pleasure to listen to. The vocals have this raw honesty to them that pierce through your soul. The wavering of Murray’s vocals at points drives the emotions of the song through and makes you know that it is over.

Sunny Disposition is back with a bang showcasing everything we love about their sound in Full Of Reasons. While the EP only has four tracks, each one is a pleasure to listen to. There are driving beats, raw emotion and honest vocals underscored by the haunting cello line.

Find out more about Sunny Disposition on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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