The Trusted – No Real Control (2018)

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On July 13th, The Trusted released their new single ‘No Real Control’.

‘Oh, oh, oh, can’t you see me here?  Oh, oh, oh, maybe I just don’t fit.  I can’t control the way I feel.  So tell me off and turn me away.’

My interpretation of these lyrics is that the artist has strong and uncontrollable feelings for someone and don’t know where they stand.  Being in limbo then sparks the question, do they have the same feelings for you as you do for them?  You feel like you’re invisible and as if they don’t know you exist.  It would easier and better if your crush acknowledged your existence and told you that they didn’t feel the same way.  At least that way you know and don’t feel like you’re ignored and irrelevant.

I love this song.  I can clearly picture a lovestruck boy tripping over himself as soon as his crush walks into the room; staring at his crush with another person from afar, and can’t help but feeling like he’s not good enough for the girl of his dreams.  His sadness eventually leads to him having a breakdown in his bedroom, completely heartbroken.

While I can’t personally relate to the love and relationship aspect of the song, I feel like I relate on a level of socially interacting with people.  I feel like instead of having a crush on someone, it’s how I feel about having friends.  I would rather someone tell me they don’t want to be friends instead of pretending they want to hang out or feel obligated to spend time with me when in reality they’d rather be with other people.  It comes across as though they’re tolerating my company.  Sometimes assuming you’re invisible is easier than taking a risk and getting your hopes up just to be disappointed when someone doesn’t feel the same way about you.

The Trusted is a rock band from Southend-On-Sea in the United Kingdom.  Their music is similar to Verity White, Seattle Mix, The Killers and Himalayas.  In addition to ‘No Real Control’, the band also currently have three other singles online; you can now stream ‘Boy’, ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Good To Bad’ on Spotify and Apple Music.

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