Théa Marie – Settle Down, Love (2020)

With diverse backgrounds, but similar childhoods, Théa, Julianna and Peter combine their love for soul and rock music in the indie-pop band Théa Marie. After meeting at ICMP – an award-winning music college in London – the trio struck up a friendship and soon began performing together. With several singles and an album to their name, the band is making waves on an international level featured in RGM, Chalkpit Records, as well as touring in France, Germany and the UK. The latest addition to their repertoire is the single ‘Settle Down, Love’.

Collaborating with the well-known indie-rock group The Dunwells, Théa Marie create a heartwarming track in ‘Settle Down, Love’. Known for insightful and genuine lyrics set to soothing melodies, Théa Marie use a unique narrative to create an empowering tale of love and self-affirmation. Written and performed as an introspective internal conversation, singer-songwriter Théa confronts self-doubt and anxiety to identify how this makes her stronger instead of weak.

The combination of overwhelming melodies mixed with sincere lyricism makes the track catchy, moving and engaging. With vocals reminiscent of Adele and Florence + The Machine, ‘Settle Down, Love’ is the typical tale of self-love and courage but maintains a degree of authenticity and originality. An inspirational ballad, Théa Marie and The Dunwells have created a beguiling, anthemic single that seeps into your soul and envelopes you in a warm cushiness of love.

For more from Théa Marie check out the official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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