Liad Abraham ft Alina Lesnik – Far Away (2022)

Liad Abraham had us falling into the pages of a sonic book through his instrumental folk track ‘Call of the Sea’. With his two-track EP Far Away, he is bringing dark and rich folk textures to life. The EP features the English and German versions of the title track, which swirl with melancholic melodics and darkly beautiful vocals.

Abraham is joined by Alina Lesnik on the EP, having met online and discovering that they share similar musical and artistic tastes. While they are thousands of kilometres apart, they have written a handful of songs together that bring dark folk to splashes of fantasy styles. With this track, they look at the eternal connection between all things in the universe, while the lyrics tell of someone who has lost a loved one.

The EP starts with the English version of the track ‘Far Away’. The rich acoustic guitar brings an ocean of sound and its accompanying depths to your ears. It is like you are being carried away on the wind and floating over the land while feeling the connection we share with everything around us. Lesnik’s vocals are a cool caress on your skin that both wraps you in intimate comfort and sends shivers racing through you. It is a stunning song that perfectly combines a hint of melancholy, expansive connections and slightly dark, yet beautiful, vocals. Lesnik brings a strange sense to her performance as the lyrics fill you with a touch of yearning, before she holds you close and has you sinking into the tender wisps of her voice.

‘Weit Fort’ is the German version of the track. The melody seems to be identical in its rich folky touch. It is a testament to Abraham’s compositional prowess that the melody is able to perfectly embrace the vocals in both languages. Lesnik’s performance is as beautiful and touching in this version, as her voice glides through the lyrics. Hearing the English version of the track first does give you the insight you need to understand the lyrics, but this version holds well on its own. The tenderness of the vocals washes away any uncertainty that comes from not understanding the language and lets the emotions really shine through. It is hard to say which version is the best because they are both so beautiful in their own ways.

Liad Abraham and Alina Lesnik team up for the two-track EP Far Away, which offers two stunningly beautiful renditions of the title track. While the melody remains the same across both versions, it is powerful in the way it cradles the vocals. Lesnik’s performance is stunningly beautiful on both tracks as she sends you soaring on the connections we have with the world and sprinkles a touch of yearning on top.

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