They Called Him Zone – Miami (2016)

Artist and producer They Called Him Zone, a.k.a. Mik Davis, combines different genres to create unusual, hypnotising songs. Let’s talk about his new single ‘Miami’.

For me, it is vital to visualise the song or music I am listening to. In this case, as soon as the music started I could see myself at the rave party. Beats at the very beginning of the song remind me of the heartbeat – very fast, intense  – just like when we are dancing, scared or excited.

Flashing lights, smoke, youth dancing and, probably, slow motions because of the vocal part and voice of the artist. 

I always have this feeling that rave parties make people feel like they are under hypnosis, a bit moody and dark feeling. I can definitely say that the voice type of Zone is hypnotising and calming, yet makes you feel that something is about to happen. Imagine you are in a perfectly done room and there’s an old giant wardrobe that you are about to open, but you do not know what is inside.

Undertone, a beat pronunciation of the lyrics – nasal sound, creaky voice, guitars, drum machines and mood of the song, in general, reminds me of the British legends Placebo, their  ‘Song to say goodbye’ in particular. This is also one of the reasons why I think the single would make a great soundtrack to a youth drama movie; and the lyric: “I’m just a guy/ You are just a girl/ Let’s get together to hit the world” – is not it what our 20s are about?


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