Sentience Machine – Microscopic Enemy (2021)

Rising from the ashes of the pandemic, Sentience Machine is taking no prisoners with their uncompromising sound in ‘Microscopic Enemy’. Written about lockdown life, the single references the impact the pandemic has had on mental health, economic hardships, media coverage and capitalist crisis. While hitting on all these topics, the rock tones carry the underlying message of reclaiming our lives.

Psibindi (vocals), Edward Abela (guitar), Jamie Steenbergen (drums), Stephen Clift (bass) and Ben Turner (guitar) are unleashing powerful emotions through this single. The defiance in their sound is the blast that many of us need right now and will shake any leftover lockdown cobwebs from your brain. The second single from the band, they create a new sound for the next generation to release their frustrations to.

‘Microscopic Enemy’ hits you with moving guitars from the first moment accompanied by drums that have your head bopping to them. There is a slight 90s vibe to the opening of the track that gives way to the pulsing tones of the track. There is a defiant energy woven into the guitars that hits harder with the push of the drums. It is a rather infectious feeling that shivers in your chest and makes you want to shout out with the band. The longer you listen to the track, the more you want to move to the music even to go a bit crazy with them. The soaring guitar riffs laced throughout the soundscape are wonderful and captivating.

Psibindi’s vocals are as hard-hitting as the melody and packed with an uncompromising vibe. There is a rather matter-of-fact feeling to her vocals through the first verse before rising with emotion on the chorus. The catchy lyrics and vocals will have you shouting out against the establishment with the band before the end of the track. Every word is easy to relate to and captures some of what we have all felt in the last year.

Sentience Machine are hitting out at the establishment while blasting their frustrations and capturing the emotions we all have felt in the last year through ‘Microscopic Enemy’. The single pulses with the power of rock and brings a new defiance to your ears. An infectious single that hits all the right notes and lets you unleash your pent-up aggression.

Find out more about Sentience Machine on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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