Three Day Monk – I Wish You Were Dead (2021)

Three Day Monk is using an unconventional arrangement for the misleading look into the psyche of the main character of ‘I Wish You Were Dead’. Adding in a cinematic vibe, he looks into the mental struggles people face from distress to the want for everything to end. The disjointed movement of the mind is brought to sharp relief through the eccentric structure of the track.

This interesting delve into the mind comes from multi-instrumentalist Tristan Nelson. While his sound can be classed primarily as rock, he dips into grunge and experimental tones to fill out the emotions of his music. As he delves into relatable matters, he asks the question of what is more terrifying than our reality?

The piano notes slices through your brain in the opening of ‘I Wish You Were Dead’. The deeper tones that thrum through your chest are woven between the light piano line for a wonderful contrasting feeling. There is a haunting beauty to the high piano line that drops for a dark thrum. The interplay between melodic elements is utterly mesmerising as you are presented with the different threads of life brought to sonic glory. There are moments of creeping ominous darkness only to burst with horns for a pulse of energy. This gives way to depression through the darker tones. There is a string solo later in the track that is darkly tragic and completely wonderful.

As the melody takes you through the struggles of mental health, the vocals complement the movement. The vocals come from Flora Stewart and enter in a conversational style. The power of her vocals builds as the light piano notes twinkle in the soundscape. The lightness of her voice at these times fills you with floating energy. When the melody drops, her vocals follow for a dampening depression covered in despair and the yearning for everything to be over. Her performance is emotive and captures so many emotions that you are thrown from contentment to depression and are happy for the experience.

Three Day Monk brings the human psyche to sonic life with ‘I Wish You Were Dead’ which is full of dark depression, lively energy and floating contentment. Through the movement of both the vocals and melody, you are filled with the emotions of the track and the abrupt swings that take place in life. This is a single you can easily listen to again and again after popping it on your favourite playlist.

Find out more about Three Day Monk on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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