Chris D’Lima – Denial (2020)

The saying of not judging a book by its cover perfectly encapsulates the messaging of Chris D’Lima’s latest single ‘Denial’. With a deep and dramatic sound, he considers someone who looks like they have it all but when you venture beneath the surface, you see insecurities and fears. With complex arrangements, his experimentation with different vibes takes his music in a new direction.

The single itself has been around in some form since 2013, but it was only after a networking event that it started to find its final form. With Djamel Cencio, D’Lima pushes his boundaries while blending his musical influences from hip-hop to prog rock. This all comes together for an alternative pop track that is hypnotic while making you think about what lies beneath the surface.

‘Denial’ bounds to life with heavy lines and droning tones. The electronic beats in the background get your heart pumping while hooking their claws into your brain and not letting go. There is a great combination of beats that come together for a compelling melody that plucks across your ears only to pulse vibrations through your brain. The music has a dance vibe to it wrapped in some great alternative pop sensibilities. Through the complex combination of beats, you are led to a feeling of depth like there is a lot more waiting just below the surface of the melody.

The complex beats of the melody are countered by D’Lima’s vocals which are a smooth layer dancing across the music. The harmonisations on the chorus add to the deep feeling of the music as you are covered in waves and layers of melodic elements. His performance has a creeping feeling of something unstoppable coming. The lyrics are easy to sing along with as you learn that it is actually denial that is chasing you.

Chris D’Lima has you looking beneath the surface with the complex beats and unstoppable vocals of ‘Denial’. The music is a river of different beats coming together to form a current that you get swept into. While his vocals are a smooth dancing layer over the beats, he draws you into a creeping sense that something inescapable is coming for you.

Find out more about Chris D’Lima on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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