Thrillhouse – Flawed Design (2021)

There are a lot of people who have fallen into the constant search for perfection in life from the perfect body to the perfect job. Thrillhouse are considering this search in their single ‘Flawed Design’. Through the sincere soundscape of the single, the band lets you know that this perfection does not actually exist and that we need to be okay with that.

While the band brings the conclusion that you will never actually find the answers you are searching for, they also acknowledge that most of us will continue searching anyway. This is a more existential trip compared to their intimate love letter ‘If It’s Important’ but is as great to listen to.

‘Flawed Design’ pulls you in with a rather epic drum line that takes a funky feeling as you move further into the single. The jangling tones that come in with the vocals add a fun pulse to the music. There is an infectious feeling to the drums that put a smile on your face while you move to the beat. The clapping notes make you want to clap along as you play the single at top volume. There is a slightly vintage feeling to the music that tugs at something familiar in the back of your brain.

When the vocals hit, they have a layered burst to them that hooks you just as much as the drums do. The vocals continue a layered approach that creates a light echo that enhances the vibes of the track. Through the performance, you feel the search for perfection with a thread of worry that you will never find the answers you are looking for. While the vocals pull you into their search for answers, they also offer a sense of absolution and the understanding that you don’t really need them to have a great time.

Thrillhouse pulls you into a search for perfection and answers only to let you know that you might never find them and that is okay in ‘Flawed Design’. With a touch of retro vibes, the music grips you from the first drumbeat. The layered vocals have a touch of worry that is tempered with the understanding that not being perfect is okay.

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