Thrillhouse – If It’s Important (2020)

It can be hard to express your gratitude and love for someone who pushes you to achieve your dreams regardless of how unrealistic or pointless they may seem. If you are struggling with this, Thrillhouse is here to help with ‘If It’s Important’. The single is a little love letter to those who give you the encouragement you need to work at your dreams. It also addresses those who help you get through the dark times.

Jackie B. Nielsen (vocals, guitar, keys), Sam Strawberry (vocals, guitar) and Alistair Scott (bass, keys) are friends from Brighton who decided that pizza and Mario Kart nights could be put to better use. This is when Thrillhouse was born and started putting out their alt-rock vibes.

‘If It’s Important’ has an understated yet groovy opening that progressively draws you into the sound of the band. The vibe of the track is so upbeat while being laidback at the same time. The pulsing melody has you skipping down the track and dancing to the warbling notes that spin around on the edges. At one point, the melody drops to a quiet breath before picking back up with a shuffling drum and bubbling notes.

The vocals have an equally easy vibe to them as they form an almost hazy layer over the melody. The performance is soft and almost seems like you are having a whispered conversation. Through this performance, you can feel the gratitude and the gentle encourage you might need. The lyrics have a captivating flow to them as they push through a range of positive emotions.

‘If It’s Important’ by Thrillhouse is a laidback love letter to all the people who encourage you to chase your dreams and help you through dark times. The track has an easy melody with an intimate vocal performance.

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