Stephanie Caprara – Let Me Know (2020)

There are a lot of people who know someone who is not interested in commitment. Stephanie Caprara is one of these people and tells the story of a man not really knowing what he wants in her single ‘Let Me Know’. While the single takes on a negative relationship experience, the music is upbeat and fills you with funky summer vibes making you want to dance without any worries.

The single was originally written in 2016 with co-writer Rizwan but was never finished. Once the pandemic hit, they decided to finish it and release a music video Caprara shot herself. The fun they had making this single shines through in both the music and video.

The zipping synths that open ‘Let Me Know’ fill you with a deep dance vibe. The pounding beats that come after combine with the synth for a rhythm that you need to move to. There is a really bright feeling to the music that makes you think of pool parties and spending time having fun in the sun. The summery vibes sink into you as your bones feel the need to move around to the beats. There is a light touch of funk to the music that comes through on the chorus making it ridiculously catchy.

Caprara’s voice is an ethereal line over the opening synths. This turns into a vocal dance extravaganza as the song progresses. Her performance enhances the dance vibes of the music to grip your chest and shake you up. On the chorus, she sends you flying to the dance floor to have a good time with a slightly more pop influence. Throughout the single, you can hear the power of her voice and her training. This rests in her performance leaving you anticipating the explosion of power.

As the music video was recorded by Caprara during lockdown there are some limitations on what it offers but this does not detract from the good vibes. The video is easy to watch as you see Caprara singing to the camera and getting down to the dance vibes. There are moments of fun in the sun leading to happy party dance times all wrapped in enjoyment for the music.

Stephanie Caprara has you moving to her summery dance vibes with ‘Let Me Know’. The single uses funky synths and deep dance beats to shake up your bones before Caprara’s vocals get your muscles moving to the rhythm. The accompanying music video brings a home video edge that only works at enhancing the vibes of the track.

Find out more about Stephanie Caprara on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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