Tobin Rock – Cruel (2020)

Are you looking for a fierce single that takes a stand against bullying while highlighting the lingering effects it has on people? Well, Tobin Rock has just what you need with his latest single ‘Cruel’. Working through the story of a child who is bullied, the single considers how they still feel the painful effects years later. Partnering with Stomp Out Bullying, he looks to raise awareness and donations to fight bullying.

The single continues Rock’s musical ethos of looking at the world we live in and attacking the social issues we face. While confronting these issues, he looks to inspire and draw people together to help create a better future for everyone. With a splash of Foo Fighters and Muse stylings, this single will throw you into the narrative and leave you wanting to help.

‘Cruel’ hits you with a pounding guitar opening that grabs your attention from the first moment. The catchy drums and pulsing bass get your shoulders moving to the rhythm and put a smile on your face. There is a great vibe to the melody that builds up through the verses to break on the chorus. The increased pace on the chorus is a break for a sonic stand against the pressures laid out in the lyrics.

Rock’s vocals are emotive and pump feelings of confusion over why bullying is happening into your veins from the start. This swings to how the effects of bullying linger and a questioning through the chorus. There is something sad resting in the lower levels of his performance, but this mixes with a fight against bullying. Through his performance, you are drawn into the story of the lyrics and made to feel everything the narrative portrays.

Tobin Rock takes a stand against bullying while filling you with the negative emotions of the bullied in ‘Cruel’. The rock melody creates a pumping soundscape for the exploration of bullying and the lingering effects. His vocal performance is emotive and has you questioning why this happens.

Find out more about Tobin Rock on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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