Xperience – Love & War (2020)

All relationships are full of ups and downs whether they are romantic or platonic. Xperience digs into this with his single ‘Love & War’. Using catchy melodies and an authentic sound, he draws you into the relatable lyrics. The emotional ups and downs of relationships are woven into the soundscape as he gets you moving to his beat.

A skilled lyricist, Xperience pulls you into his sonic world with an effortless that is truly mind-blowing. Over the years, his skills have shone as he worked with Macklemore and was inducted into the Northwest collective Oldominion. He continues to amaze with his musicality and if you are not already hooked on his sound, this single could be the one that gets you.

‘Love & War’ has a light opening that touches your ears like the gentle flow of a relationship going well. The guitar lines have a wonderful flow to them as they build up a tension sonically representing the ups and downs of relationships. As the song progresses, the beats start shuffling and propelling you down the single. The melody forms a great lower level for the single and allows the vocals to really shine while drawing you further into the single.

Xperience’s vocals enter as a smooth thread that slides across the guitar line. You can very easily fall into his performance as he effortlessly grabs your attention and pulls you into the story of the lyrics. Throughout the track, he infuses each word with emotion. You can feel the questioning of the relationship during the bad times only to swing into an encompassing love of another. It is an emotive performance made harder-hitting through the combination of vocals and melody.

Xperience considers the ups and downs of relationships through his effortless vocals and easy melodies in ‘Love & War’. The single is easy to fall back into and washes over your senses in the best way. The vocals have a smoothness to them that slices through everything else and settles in your brain.

Find out more about Xperience on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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