Track of the Day: Tom Milner – Bring Me Back Your Love

If you were to merge the talent of Adam Levine, Will Young and Gareth Gates, the result would probably be Tom Milner. Most well known for his role as troublemaker Paul Langley in BBC’s popular Waterloo Road, Milner has some acting skills, but can he sing? Seems the answer is yes, and pretty well too! In 2016, the UK-based singer-songwriter impressed Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson when performing on The Voice noted as having “…a lot more to give”. In 2019, Milner starred as lead character Johnny in the 10th Anniversary of the Green Day musical, American Idiot.

Featured in various publications, such as The Telegraph and Argus, Quays Life, Metro and Tresa Magazine, Milner is making an impression as a performer; however, not much is being said about his original material. Almost a decade after we saw him as Paul Langley, Tom Milner has popped up on our radar with his single ‘Bring Me Back Your Love’.

Reminiscent of Maroon 5’s debut album Songs of Jane, ‘Bring Me Back Your Love’ is a harmonic fusion of funk and pop-rock, however, there are also underlying tinges of commercial pop throughout. Showcasing his extensive vocal range, Milner serenades us with his dulcet tenor but hits some high notes to add that something extra. Not only are the vocals intriguing, but the guitar-driven arrangement highlights Milner’s innovativeness incorporating both funk and alt-rock styles.

While the song has a smooth sensuality to its tone, it is the juxtaposition of melancholic content within a heart-warming melody that I find most enjoyable. ‘Bring Me Back Your Love’ could be played as the sexy background music for a special night in but its heart-breaking lyricism might kill the mood. Using a personal narrative, Milner easily connects with audiences in a sincere, poignant and captivating way.

Weaving threads of insight, genuineness and sentimentality in this sonic tapestry, ‘Bring Me Back Your Love’ is a kaleidoscopic earworm. Teetering on the edge of naïve innocence and mature nostalgia, Milner’s new single explores the delicacy of the human soul as he takes on the highs and lows of first love. I always say there are “describe songs” and “feel songs”; as much as I describe ‘Bring Me Back Your Love’ I will never do it justice. To fully appreciate Tom Milner’s soulful song, it’s best just to listen to it – trust me on this.

For more from Tom Milner check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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