Tom Tom Park ft Will Burton – Déjà Vu (2021)

Tom Tom Park boosted our inner strength and filled us with good vibes through the collaboration with Disc Eyes that was ‘Adore Me’. Now, he is teaming up with UK vocalist Will Burton for the darkly dreamy and melancholic tones of ‘Déjà Vu’. As one of the darkest tracks off his upcoming album, the single offers something a little different to those who are already hooked to his sound.

While drawing on this feeling, the single has you thinking about that person in your life that you know you should stay away from but can’t. Shimmering with synth-pop sensibilities, the dynamic power of Burton’s vocals bring a new edge to the track. Continuing to tap into the roots of club culture, the single explores a range of themes from escapism to putting yourself first.

‘Déjà Vu’ brings neon lights and pulsing tones to your ears from the first moment. There is a glittering feeling to the pulses that takes you into the club culture that shines in all his music while beats have you moving to the rhythm. There is a rather addictive feeling to the melody that you can’t really help but give into. While the music gets you moving, there is a warble of something retro that hovers over the more modern tones. This all comes together for a sweeping arrangement that takes you away from reality for a moment so you can just give in to the music and feel the sound.

While the melody is packed with bright lights and moving beats, the vocals bring an additional shimmer to the soundscape. Burton’s vocals are powerful while adding the lightest touch of ethereal vibes. His performance draws you further under the spell of the single while dipping into a love that is not as great as it should be. There is a slip and slide to his performance that tangles around you and gets your shoulders shaking to his rhythm.

Tom Tom Park and Will Burton draw you under their spell while getting you moving to their rhythm and thinking about irresistible bad romances in ‘Déjà Vu’. The melody grips you from the first moment and fills you with the bright lights and energy of the club scene. Burton’s vocals complete the spell and slide into your senses for a powerful and addictive movement.

Find out more about Tom Tom Park on his Instagram and Spotify.

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