Tomo – Enough To Drink (2020)

Tomo is a folk singer-songwriter based in Bristol. Influenced by a wide range of artists he combines powerful lyrics with emotive musicality. His debut single ‘Enough To Drink’ is the first off his upcoming EP Wayward Son, due for release later this year.

His debut track is a look at those moments of dark introspection. It covers the times when you question your value and motives as a human being. This is a very personal song, but one that many people can easily connect with.

‘Enough to Drink’ opens with a gentle guitar that leads to Tomo’s charming vocals. The melody remains gently and soft throughout the track. While the melody is simple, it helps highlight Tomo’s vocals and the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics make you pause and think about them without trying to tell you what you should be feeling. You can hear the personal connection Tomo has with this track in his emotive vocal performance. The song tugs at your heart and leaves you feeling quite emotional at the end.

Tomo takes you on a journey of dark introspection in ‘Enough to Drink’ that leaves you feeling emotional. The combination of the simple melody, gentle guitar and Tomo’s soulful vocals create a song that you cannot get enough of. With this being his debut, we are likely to hear great things from him for a long time to come.

Find out more about Tomo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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