Luca Bluefire – Wounded (2020)

Luca Bluefire is a multi-instrumentalist from Denmark but raised in Italy. He has worked with different bands over the years as a guitarist and bassist. As part of his solo career, he has released ‘Wounded’ through his own label Long Gone Days Records.

The track is an expression of the pain and anxiety of being in a negative feedback loop. It ties this with the opposing feelings of detachment and desensitisation. The intent is to create a contrast between warmth and emotional intensity on one hand and robotic coldness on the other.

‘Wounded’ sets the tone with a piano opening that has gentle electronic notes thrown in. Throughout the song, the melody is an enthralling blend of electronic and orchestral sounds. This helps build the message of the track and enhances the interplay of musical warmth and electronic coldness.

The vocals on the track are ethereal as they come and go. It is the arrangement of all the elements in this song that make it one you cannot stop listening to. Through the complex meshing of everything, you can feel the anxiety, detachment and emotional intensity at the heart of the song.

Luca Bluefire uses an intricate interplay between electronic notes, orchestral tones and ethereal voices in ‘Wounded’ to express negative feedback loops. The song balances anxiety and pain with desensitisation and detachment through skilful arrangements.

Find out more about Luca Bluefire on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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