Torre Di Fine – Torre Di Fine (2021)

Torre Di Fine are taking all the bad moods and dark emotions we have felt and turned it into a stripped-down and ambience filled EP. Their self-titled EP Torre Di Fine touches on themes such as uneasiness with the world, isolation and alexithymia. With a touch of murkiness, their music will bring these feelings welling up inside you while offering an escape for you to set them free.

This emotional sea comes from the duo M. Cella and M. Trevisan who formed Torre Di Fine last year after a late work shift. With a focus on alternative music with hints of shoegaze, post-rock and glitch, the duo created and recorded in an apartment in north-east Italy. As their first release, the EP really showcases what they have to offer while pulling you ever deeper into their melodies.

The EP opens with ‘Fahrenheit’ uses a gentle pounding to grab your attention. The murkiness of the EP comes to life with this single in the hidden depths of the melody. The vocals rise out of the depths of the melody and beckon you further into the mists of the music. The layers of the track weave together exquisitely to form a living and breathing entity. This makes for a rather hypnotic soundscape that you are compelled to continue walking into.

‘Sunflower’ loses some of the murkiness while retaining a light covering of waving haziness. There is a brighter and more up-front feeling to this song. The vocals feel like they are coming through water to gently lap against your senses. There are some industrial drones that vibrate and clang against the vocals for an interesting combination of melodic elements. Through the song, you are confronted with a cascade of life against an almost dreamy haze. This has been artfully constructed to create a soundscape that you get caught up in while hitting you with the emotions of the song.

The vibrating opening of ‘Birds for Scale’ warbles in a gentle pulsing flow before the vocals rise from between the pulses. There is a depressed vibe to the vocals that comes through in the almost apathetic delivery. The vibrating tones build in power to overtake the vocals which fade into the background of the song. There is a lot of interplay between the vocals and the vibrating melody as they switch position. The organic instrumentation brings a new sense to the song as you seem to wake from the haziness of the opening. While waking to a more grounded soundscape, the emotion of the vocals remains.

‘Second String (IDA4)’ brings back that murkiness of the opening track while the vocals reach through the fog of the soundscape. The vocal performance is subtle to start as you are drawn further into a foggy forest soundscape. The light tones that drop like rain throughout the track add an ethereal edge to the song. The fogginess of the music gives way to the shuffling beats like you are entering a clearing in the woods. This leads you to the depth of instrumentation that settles over your ears and has you sinking into the ground.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Six Degrees’ which brings the industrial tones back to the low levels of the track. Against this is a wonderful guitar line that steadily and softly pulls you forward. The strummed guitars meet the airy vocals for a rather soft listening experience. There is a sadness in the music that you can’t escape, but there is something resting in it that makes you think you can overcome it. This might be the swelling of the tones later in the track that gets your heart racing a little like lights bursting out or uncontainable energy.

Torre Di Fine artfully wrap all our negative emotions into the five tracks of their self-titled EP. With a hypnotic murkiness, the melodies carefully convey bad moods, sadness, depression and feelings of isolation. The vocals bring an edge of haziness while delicately calling you further into the fog of emotions.

Find out more about Torre Di Fine on their Spotify.

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