Davidly – Vines (2021)

Life is full of ups and downs as we battle against our own demons. Davidly has captured the journey of life in his single ‘Vines’ while celebrating when we come out victorious from internal battles. With grit, determination and authenticity, he creates a powerful soundscape that takes you on a journey reminiscent of Wild West discoveries.

With powerful material, he connects with listeners through his passion for what he does. Drawing on a variety of influences, he clearly establishes why he is an artist that you should keep an eye on. Since hearing Pink Floyd, he knew he wanted to make music and has driven himself to that goal ever since.

‘Vines’ uses an expansive opening to grab your attention. The wave of sound that swells against your ears gives way to a more stripped back melody. The guitar takes you ever higher through the soundscape before dropping you into the deep beats. This comes together for a very powerful soundscape that takes you through the ups and downs of battling your inner demons. That guitar that makes a comeback throughout the single is a thread of grit and determination that grips your chest and fills you with the strength to take on your own demons.

Davidly’s vocals are delicate against the swell of the opening. His performance builds in power with the music to fill you with strength and the joy that comes from defeating your demons. The lyrics are packed with authenticity and the raw journey of fighting yourself. The power of his vocals combines with the melody for a captivating listening experience that immerses you in the journey he crafts. At times there is a thread of pain laced into his voice that feeds into the building of strength and honesty of the song.

Davidly takes you on a powerful journey through an immersive listening experience with ‘Vines’. The swell of the opening grips you as you flow into the expansive melody. His vocals add to this building the power of the single until it sinks into your skin never to be shaken off.

Find out more about Davidly on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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