Track of the Day: Brianna Musco – Never Stay

Featured in notable publications like Music Industry Weekly, New York Daily and Forbes India, Brianna Musco is set for stardom. Hailing from New Jersey, this singer-songwriter has an edgy, exciting and unique sound. Believe it or not, but Musco was a Division 1 athlete at Delaware State University helping the team win league championships as a starting forward; however, it was her degree in classical training that influenced her future career.

In 2019, Musco released her debut single ‘Forever’ to critical acclaim gaining the attention of international press. Not only that, but the single received over 200K streams building a strong and loyal following globally. While she aimed to perform in over 35 countries at the beginning of the year, Musco’s touring plans were put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Lucky for us, she chose to spend the time writing and recording material; hence, we have her sophomore single ‘Never Stay’.

Moving toward a more pop-inspired sound with heavy synths, ‘Never Stay’ is an upbeat track with a groovy beat. A rather personal track for Musco, the single is sentimental, poignant and shows her vulnerability despite the lively tone. Distinctive vocals with dynamic instrumentation makes ‘Never Stay’ beguiling and endearing.

“‘Never Stay’ is the first song I let myself write with the mentality of being unapologetically me. I wrote this song to help me cope with a previous relationship, in hopes of others being able to relate to similar situations that usually get overlooked. I want people to hear this and decide that they deserve better, that they deserve to be happy.” – Brianna Musco on ‘Never Stay’

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