Enoka – Salvation (2020)

If you need an infusion of hope for a better life, ‘Salvation’ by Enoka is the song you need to listen to. Packed with some modern melodies in a container of classic pop styles, the single goes through a spectrum of personal evolution. Through the movement of the song, you are filled with energy and a sense that there is some hope for the future.

The inspiring compositions that Enoka is becoming known for have set her as a musician to keep an eye on. Combined with powerful vocal skills, her soundscape distinguishes her from the crowd. Before she started releasing her own music, she performed backing vocals for European heavyweights including Arash, Gunter and Bobby Farrell from Bony M.

‘Salvation’ has a warped opening that makes you think something has gone wrong before it whirls into a really catchy melody. The music has this RnB flavour melding with the pop flows that grab your shoulders and make them move. You can hear hints of classic pop throughout the song, but this is overshadowed by the more modern tones and something that is uniquely Enoka. The plucky notes in the melody keep you moving to their will while the chorus has you sliding to the rhythm.

Over this catchy melody is Enoka’s powerful performance. Her voice has this amazing clarity that flows through you and is really addicting. You can’t get enough of her sound making this song a real earworm. The lyrics of the track are easy to sink into and they are really relatable as they search for salvation.

Enoka fills you with hope for a better life in her unbelievably catchy RnB infused pop single ‘Salvation’. The melody hooks you from almost the first second, but Enoka’s vocals steal the show. Her performance is powerful and clear getting you addicted to her sound.

Find out more about Enoka on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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