Track of the Day: Crzy Horse – Liketure

Finding that little nest between house, techno and EDM, Australian DJ Crzy Horse has an unforgettable style. After studying music at Berkeley Music School, USA, and Point Blank Music School, UK, the talented artist began using his knowledge to knock out hard-hitting tracks. Known for high-powered sets with ear-thumping melodies, the Germany-based Crzy Horse has performed at notable festivals and clubs across Europe, Australia and Asia. Receiving coverage from radio stations Eagles Nest Radio, 88.3 Southern FM and BMA Magazine, Crzy Horse is turning heads of the press as well as live audiences. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Liketure’.

Following his single ‘Bounce’ (released in 2020), ‘Liketure’ incorporates a contemporary pop edginess to Crzy Horse’s sound. If you were to mix Justin Bieber with David Guetta or Calvin Harris, then the chances are you would have ‘Liketure’. With powerful beats, the synth-laden single effortlessly tips you into a kaleidoscopic sonic whirlpool. You can see the colourful water around you making you a little giddy, but really adoring the bright lights swirling about you.

Touching on pop culture and the focus on social media, Crzy Horse tackles one of the more prominent aspects of our digital reality. A combination of the words “like” and “culture”, ‘Liketure’ hits the nail on the head with people’s constant need for “likes” in the social media culture. Yet, you should not take this at surface level. Delving deeper into the existential issue, ‘Liketure’ delicately explores vulnerability and a need for acceptance.

So, what do I really think about this DJ’s skills? What do I think about ‘Liketure’? Well, I’ll definitely hit a few likes when I come across it and Crzy Horse.

For more from Crzy Horse, check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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