Track of the Day: Delta Maid – You Better Run

Katie Foulkes, also known as Delta Maid, hails from the shores of Liverpool and is one of those people who used social media to enter the music industry. While many people are discovered online nowadays – *cough* Justin Bieber *cough* – Foulkes was discovered back in the days of MySpace and, consequentially, signed a publishing deal before her debut album dropped in 2010.

Growing up with an eclectic mix of musical genres, Delta Maid was influenced by many different artists ranging from Sam Cook to Hank Williams and JB Lenoir. She developed a natural passion for jazz, soul and blues and this can be heard in her later tracks. ‘You Better Run’ is Foulkes’ latest and most soulful single. Reminiscent of Leddra Chapman and Amy Winehouse, Delta Maid weaves a vehicle for her unique voice.

“This track kind of represents the battle between intuition and intrusive thought, but its motif was mostly about acceptance.” – Delta Maid on ‘You Better Run’

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