Pharmacose – Checked Out (2019)

Coming out of Jacksonville, Florida, Pharmacose is the alternative rock band you never knew you were waiting for. Wesley Jones, Lu Rubino, Albert Cruz and Kevin Horne came together in 2017 and initially released under the name Digital Array. At the end of last year, the band released ‘Checked Out’ and the music video dropped earlier this year.

All their music draws on themes such as mental health episodes and the effects of psychiatric medication. ‘Checked Out’ is no different and draws on a manic episode songwriter Jones went through. The single is all about escapism, something most of us can relate to in some way. While the theme is clear in the lyrics and music video, the single is strong even without the back story.

The rock vibes take you through the song, but the changeup later really drives home the versatility of the band. It also matches with the lyrics to tell the story of ‘Checked Out’ and wanting to take a break from reality. While their tones do remind me of We The Kings and All Time Low, they stand alone as a rock band with a modern twist in themes and tone.

‘Checked Out’ carries on the mental health and pharmacological themes of Phramacose in a deep and hard-hitting way. Understanding the background of the song helps you appreciate everything that goes into it, but the single can easily be enjoyed without it.

You can find out more about Pharmacose on their Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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