Track of the Day: in earnest – 29

I am happy to say that mental health awareness has increased over the past few years. In literature, film and music, artists are now sharing personal experiences with mental health issues to make people aware of these problems. Not only do we need to know about the symptoms of a condition, but how people survive when faced with depression, anxiety, etc. in earnest is one of those bands who are attempting to share their situation with listeners.

Hailing from Southend-On-Sea, in earnest is an indie-rock trio bringing the world “sad indie noise”. Using personal dialogues atop an intricate balance of electronic arrangements and simple guitars, in earnest is a unique band with a distinctive sound. While only formed in 2019, Thomas Eatherton, Sarah Holbum and Toby Shaer have been well-received by various international blogs and radio stations. The latest addition to their repertoire is ’29’.

Penned by Eatherton on his 29th birthday, ’29’ is a nostalgic journey through his childhood memories in chronological order. The lyrical recollections are complemented sonically by dreamlike synths and simple harmonies. A heartwarming track filled with some amusing reminiscence, in earnest share a wistful, tranquil and relatable single in the style of Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen.

“The song is a collage of true stories that have shaped me, involving punching my dad at an ice rink (and regretting it), Chester Bennington and a friendly ghost. It reflects on tedious adulthood and holding onto a childlike thirst for adventure.” – Thomas Eatherton on ’29’

You can find out more about in earnest via their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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