Temple Days – Cold Water (2020)

There are times when things get difficult and you just want to run away. If you need a reminder to keep trying and working hard, Cold Water by Temple Days might just be it. This EP reminds you that things might be difficult, but you have the strength to work through them. While this could come across as patronising, the band handles this with understanding and realism.

The band consists of brothers Aaron (guitar, vocals) and Sam Simmons (guitar). They decided to form the band last year after departing their previous projects. Being brothers, their ideas work well together and you can clearly hear this in the three-track EP.

The EP starts with ‘Reminder’ which is really the whole idea of the EP condensed into a single track. Through the lyrics, you are reminded about some things you might want to take the time to do. There is a positive vibe to this track that shines through in the guitar-driven melody and vocal performance. It is a very easy to listen to track that you can get into and that gives you a very gentle shove. The chorus is very catchy and it is likely to stick in your head for a while which is not necessarily a bad thing.

‘Cold Water’ has this wonderful opening that is both soothing and funky at the same time. The vocals on the track are very different from the opening song and draw you into the lyrics and feelings of the performance. This song is a bit of a vent against things, but it is not aggressive which is wonderful. There is a wonderful use of metaphor as the cold water represents the pressures and struggles that press against you and numb you to the world. While venting, the positive vibes of the first track are still present and you feel like you can take on anything after listening to it.

The EP ends with ‘Doubts’ which acts as an extension of ‘Cold Water’ as you are filled with doubts and the idea that you are not good enough. The depths of the melody from ‘Cold Water’ gives way on this track to something a bit lighter. You will find yourself moving to the melody of this track as the guitar flows through you. This is an unbelievably relatable song and lays out all the negative feelings you might have. However, you are then given the power to work through them and fight for what you want. The rock swing of the melody helps give you this boost and lets you toss away your doubts.

Temple Days is here to help you overcome any difficulties no matter their size with their EP Cold Water. Through the three tracks, your spirit is bolstered and they provide you with the strength you need to fight for what you want. If you are looking for gentle tracks that motivate you to keep going, this is the EP you need.

Find out more about Temple Days on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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