Track of the Day: Jon & Abbie – 44 Days

Combining their experiences of different genres, influences and styles, Jon & Abbie is the brainchild of Pylon Heights’ Jon Sandman and Maud’s Abbie Loosemore. While they are most well-known for indie-rock/post-rock with embellished synth overtones, Jon & Abbie is a folk-rock project with some serious emphasis on rock.

This lockdown has brought about many negative consequences, but also some positive ones. When Loosemore found herself isolated in her bedroom, she began writing more material and saw an opportunity to collaborate with Sandman on a musical project – something they had always wanted to do but the timing was constantly wrong. It couldn’t be better now! The debut single is ’44 Days’.

Taken off their upcoming EP Still Life, ’44 Days’ is a genre-defying track showcasing a collaboration of each individual’s knowledge and experiences. While it can be defined as a form of folk-rock, ’44 Days’ is something much more than either folk or rock. Take Simon & Garfunkel vocals with elements of The Doors and Foals, then you’ll find yourself somewhere in the realm of Jon & Abbie.

What I find unique about Jon & Abbie, particularly with ’44 Days’, is their ability to reach into the depths of your soul and pull out the darkness but maintaining a simple, steady and charming melody. Melancholic lyrics over a wistful ambience of sound makes ’44 Days’ a rather sombre song; however, the poignancy is not depressing but beguiling and truly heartfelt.

“’44 Days’ was written 44 days into lockdown. It’s about the end of a relationship and the realisation that though heartbroken you’re going to be alright eventually.” – Jon & Abbie on ’44 Days’

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