Remy Sher – Rain in L.A. (2020)

As a musician, you don’t simply just live in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon if you don’t want to keep the spirit of the place and music scene that existed there in the late sixties and early seventies. Based on his latest single ‘Rain in L.A.’ Remy Sher certainly keeps that tradition, and yes, he does it quite well! By the sound of it, it is also quite obvious that Sher has the Laurel Canyon musical history in his small finger. No wonder, the guy started playing as many instruments as he could starting at age 5.

‘Rain in L.A.’ itself is a showcase of how to combine all that musical knowledge into a nice, compact little musical package. It is a bluesy number with Dylan-esque vocal inflexions, excellent electric guitar (Remy is obviously a B.B. King fan, and rightfully so), where Sher throws an uptempo acoustic guitar/vocals interlude. It not only shows that he knows his rock history well, but also that he can use it to his best advantage.

The song proves what Sher, in general, says about his music: “Some people say they like everything except country. Some say they like everything except hip-hop. I want to create music for everybody, regardless of what they like. I just want to move people… make people feel.”

And he does just that.

For more from Remy Sher, check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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