Track of the Day: Lara Mrgic – Behaving Badly

Coming from L.A. and inspired by movies, making your music can turn just into a commercial gimmick or it can turn into something quite special. For the latter to happen, you certainly need two ingredients: a hefty dose of talent and a special inspiration from the movies. It could be a specific genre, a specific actress or actor or a movie director. Or it could be a combination of a few of those. Still, talent and inspiration must be there to make such music work. Well, Lara Mrgic is from L.A. and her latest single ‘Behaving Badly’ is certainly inspired by the movies. Yet, the question is, does she have talent and did she have the right inspiration. Based on this single, the answer to both questions is an unequivocal yes!

First of all, Mrgic has got a voice that can sing practically anything that is given to her and here she also shows that she knows her way with songwriting quite well too. So, what film inspiration has Mrgic picked up here? A very special one actually, it is film noir and not just any it seems. It is the David Lynch kind, the one that can leave you both speechless and thinking at the same time. Lara notes that “I had to endure a lot of headache and pain to create this song…but I would do it all again to be who I am and create the poetic transparent notions I have because they are so true…in hopes that it lights a fire in a listener the way it lit me while writing it. And it’s been a wild, wild ride, baby…but I was built for it. Because some things were meant to be said and in my case, sang. This is me reclaiming my power and purpose.”

Well, whatever Mrgic went through to create this song, she certainly came up with a gem.

For more from Lara Mrgic check out her official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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