Jack Frohlich – Déjà Vu! (2021)

With his single ‘Déjà Vu!’, Jack Frohlich brings a youthful rock sound to our ears while tapping into an interesting perspective. Not holding back at all, he taps into the irony of people looking down on those who are engrossed in social media while being unable to truly avoid social media themselves. Using his unique sound and unbelievable songwriting style, he gets you hooked to his sound while considering where you stand on the issue.

The youthful energy in this track continues the bright and nostalgic tone Frohlich has cultivated. His unique sound has gained attention from major radio hosts in the UK while he has been making a mark in the US. If this is the first introduction you have to his sound, you will quickly see why he is getting the attention he is.

‘Déjà Vu!’ grabs your attention with a very interesting opening that moves into a flowing melodic drive. There are these warbles in the higher levels of the opening that brings an almost nostalgic dreamy edge to the track. When the chorus hits, these notes turn into humming howls that bring a new dimension to the indie rock flows of the melody. Through all of this, the music has a fuzzy feeling as it insistently pushes at your senses. There is this draw back before the push that is really great and gets you lost in the movement of the music.

Sitting in the middle of the melodic movements are Frohlich’s vocals. His voice has an almost conversational feeling as he draws you into the slightly cheeky performance. With the lyrics written from the perspective of someone looking down on social media obsessed people, they consider all the things that you miss out on due to this. This is tempered by the understanding that even those who feel they are apart from the social media world are never truly detached from it.

Jack Frohlich has you bouncing around to the push of his energetic sound while considering the impact of social media in ‘Déjà Vu!’. The melody is moving as it pushes against your senses and draws you into the single. The vocals are conversational while highlighting the irony of looking down on people while still being affected by the social media they deride.

Find out more about Jack Frohlich on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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