Track of the Day: Lenny – Taurus Sun (2021)

There are no if’s and but’s about it. No matter what kind of music makes your day, when an excellent pop song reaches your ears all you can do is listen and enjoy. If the lyrics have something meaningful to say, all the better. Yet, making such a pop song work is something that not only requires talent and musical ability but also sticking to some unwritten rules and formulas that define pop as such. Essentially, there’s a certain formula that you have to follow to make the song work. That is why it is such a joy when a song like that comes your way.

Case in point: Montreal’s Lenny and her latest single ‘Taurus Sun’ from her just-released EP Personal Celebrity. Lenny’s excellent songwriting is supported by her mellifluous vocals and some equally high-quality musicianship behind them. Fancy keyboard runs are a particular joy. Lenny explains, “I am on a journey of unlearning heteronormative, patriarchal norms that were so deeply embedded in my psyche. I’m reassessing what healthy relationships look like for me, embracing my bisexual identity, and learning to prioritize my own needs.”

Tricky and complex, but Lenny presents her message with such quality pop that you simply have to understand her point of view. Even more so, the quality of Lenny’s music and lyrics on ‘Taurus Sun’ just raises the expectations for the quality of music featured on the EP. If the music there is as good as the single, she just might become more than just somebody’s personal celebrity.

For more from Lenny, check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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