Track of the Day: Leo Clarke – Inspiration Information

As with most people, Leo Clarke discovered his love for music at a young age. Naturally gifted in this area, he began playing in bands from the age of 11 and soon developed a love for songwriting and production. Born in Sheffield, but now based in London, this newcomer multi-instrumentalist is a breath of fresh air. His second single is an eclectic take on the Shuggie Otis classic ‘Inspiration Information’.

If you have heard ‘Inspiration Information’ it’s easy to hear the 1960s/1970s soul sound; however, this is not what you’d heard from Clarke’s take on this classic track. A product of lockdown, Clarke uses a far more simplistic approach, Clarke weaves basic guitar and drum instrumentation with indie-esque vocals. Think Talking Heads takes on Motown’s Soul Train and you might come close to Clarke’s cover. Definitely different, Clarke shows in ‘Inspiration Information’ that covers can be original.

“It seemed like exactly the right time to the right time to do a cover of the great Shuggie Otis. Now is a time when we should be celebrating the people that really mean something in our lives and for me, that’s what this song is about.” – Leo Clarke on ‘Information Inspiration’

Find out more about Leo Clarke on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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