Track of the Day: Liam Dutch – Settle Down

After achieving success as part of the UK-based group Dead Natives, multi-instrumentalist Liam Dutch is embracing a solo musical project. Demonstrating his passion for music, the talented singer-songwriter fuses elements of indie-rock and indie-pop in his authentic style. This is my introduction to Dutch as a solo artist, but he has already turned the heads of critics across the internet. Featured on Edgar Allan Poets, Sinusoidal Music, Its All Indie, RGM and Our Sound Music, the British artist is building a worldwide following. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Settle Down’.

Hot on the heels of his well-received track ‘Blame’, Dutch adopts a less synth-driven sound in ‘Settle Down’. A melodic combination of dynamic drums, smooth guitars and interspersed keys makes a sophisticated sound. Add Dutch’s harmonic vocals and you have a moving, soothing and charmingly textured song. I would say Liam Dutch reminds me of a softer Arctic Monkeys melded with the jangle-pop of the Beatles, but this isn’t quite the right comparison. In fact, I’m unsure there is a suitable comparison to Liam Dutch with his distinct sound.

Obscure with a hint of quirkiness, ‘Settle Down’ is a song filled with rhythm, groove and elegance. Not only is there sophistication in the melody but also in the theme of the song. Dutch shares that ‘Settle Down’ “…originally came from a conversation I overheard in a pub, I think I heard someone use the phrase ‘let’s get married buy a house’…I like it and it grew from there.” Alright, perhaps not the most sophisticated setting for inspiration; then again, pubs are where people go to be both pretentious and authentic. Odd, isn’t it that a sarcastic song comes from this.

So, in conclusion, I quite like ‘Settle Down’. The dulcet tones of Liam Dutch are carefully met by the light-hearted, laidback instrumentation and it sounds good.

For more from Liam Dutch check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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