Nixon Tate – Gentle and Ruthless (2020)

You might know Nixon Tate from the band The Honey Club who opened for Blur legend Graham Coxon in late 2018. This support slot planted the seed for Tate’s solo career. Wanting to see what would happen if he created music on his own and let his unique vision guide him, Tate has struck out on his own. His debut single ‘Gentle and Ruthless’ has dropped and sets the perfect stage for his solo career.

The song is an internal conversation about old relationships and considering how everything managed to go awry. This is a conversation most people have had with themselves at some point making the track relatable. However, it is the storytelling soul resting within Tate that really makes the track something special.

‘Gentle and Ruthless’ is a stripped-back song that sets this tone with the tender piano opening. The haunting string instruments add to the regret-filled melody. There is something beautiful about the string notes lightly floating in the background. The strings and piano combine amazingly to add to the melancholy and reflective tone of the song.

The melody creates the perfect stage for Tate’s deep and intimate vocals. He draws you into the tale of regret laid out in the lyrics and the confusion he feels at certain times. When combining his unbelievably emotive vocals with his storytelling ability, you are left with one of the most grippingly beautiful tracks you have heard in a while.

Nixon Tate churns the emotions with his regret and confusion filled track ‘Gentle and Ruthless’. His amazing storytelling abilities help him create an intimate insight into old relationships and internal conversations.

Find out more about Nixon Tate on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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