Pavit Sanghera – Better Decisions (2020)

Hitting you like a fresh breeze on a hot day, Pavit Sanghera is back with her new single ‘Better Decisions’. While her last release was melancholic, this one is an upbeat snap back at all those boys who think they are better than others. The empowering tune makes you feel confident in your own skin and stops you caring about what other people think about you.

The flavour of this song is influenced by Sanghera’s rather interesting life and time spent in different countries. Her training in Indian classical music also plays a role and adds a unique element to her soundscape.

The twinkling notes of ‘Better Decisions’ combined with Sanghera’s smooth vocals draw you into the song. She continues to lead you into the single with her engaging RnB delivery. The rap style of the performance is easy to connect with while the lyrics are relatable. The full rap verse is a great addition to the song that just gives it a little something. As you listen to the lyrics, you can’t help but feel the empowering vibes.

The powerful vocals are backed up by a wonderful melody. There are deep notes that create the foundation of the song while the tapping tones get your foot moving to them. At times, you can hear the different musical influences in the notes. The almost glitchy melodic elements at the end of the track round it off in a unique and exciting way.

Callouts and empowerment are the order of the day in ‘Better Decisions’ by Pavit Sanghera. This RnB number makes you feel confident through the lyrics and the fun rap verse. The beat is light yet deep with a range of elements to it.

Find out more about Pavit Sanghera on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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