Track of the Day: REISM – Lost Yourself

Hailing all the way from Norway, REISM is a female-fronted metal band known for their melancholic melodies, brooding energy and haunting vocals. Kirsten Jørgensen’s powerful voice is dominant in most tracks, but only enhanced by the talent of the other band members. Metal riffs combined with soaring melodies and catchy choruses make REISM a force to be reckoned with.

REISM’s latest release is the full album Dysthymia. Named after the mood disorder consisting of depression and less severe long-lasting symptoms, REISM feels that the title is a reflection of the track content. One of their most intriguing tracks from Dysthymia is ‘Lost Yourself’.

” ‘Lost Yourself’ is a comment on social media and the negative impacts of pressure it applies to our society. It’s evident of the band trying to break through to a social media addict. The question is “are we in too deep?” ” – REISM on ‘Lost Yourself’

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