Track of the Day: Starliner – 20/20

The brainchild of Dillan Dostál, Starliner is a modern rock project with some pop undertones. I suppose you could place him in the pop-rock genre, but there is so much more to the genre-bending artist. Based in Houston, Texas – that’s in the USA to be exact – Dostál gravitated to the rock scene at a young age – guitar in hand. With his distinct style, he performed with The Drugstore Gypsies – a tour that landed him coverage in Rolling Stone and such. Embracing a solo career in 2020, Dostál is described as “a masterful solo artist” by WFMJ, he adds another single to his growing discography.

The follow-up to his well-received debut single ‘Never Satisfied’, ’20/20′ is a forceful, dynamic song hitting you straight between the eyes from the first second. Reminiscent of old-school McFly, ’20/20′ has a youthful lightness, but with the heaviness of Queens of the Stone Age. Does that make sense? Light and dark in a prettily packaged rock ‘n’ roll parcel.

A well-textured and layered track, ’20/20′ embraces the power of hard rock guitars, pounding drums and twinges of keys under the stack. Using the theme of time – past, present and future – the track seems somewhat nostalgic and melancholic considering what has happened in 2020. Yet, Dostál inserts a sense of optimism and hopefulness insisting that we should not ruminate on the past but look forward to a positive future – something we all need at the moment.

Of course, it is not only the melodic instrumentation that makes a song, and particularly not in this case. While the guitars, drums and keys play an imperative role in ’20/20′, it is Dostál’s robust vocals that bring everything together. Rough, rich and oozing a comforting warmth, Dostál showcases his passion for love and life in the new track.

Side note: ’20/20′ is the lead single off his debut EP 20/20. To listen to the EP click here.

For more from Starliner check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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