Rogue Proxy – Paparazzi Sniper (2022)

With their two singles ‘Pump the Hype’ and ‘She Turned Around’, Rogue Proxy showed us two different sides of their genre-defying music. Now, they are bringing a mash of old and new, through the high-octane energy of ‘Paparazzi Sniper’. With drums that get you pumped up, guitars that span glam rock to classic rock and vocals that spill double entendre lyrics into your ears, the single is easily one that you can get caught up in.

Between the pumped melodics and innuendo filled lyrics rests a powerful chorus that will get you rocking out before you know what has hit you. With a modern vintage vibe, the single brings the best elements of old and new rock together. It also continues the addictive style of the band that keeps you grooving to their sound.

‘Paparazzi Sniper’ slowly builds the pumping energy of the track through the opening. The drums stomp a marching beat, while the guitars push you into the forward momentum. There is a pulsing feeling to the melody as the guitar shives at you before turning into a smoother twang. This all drops when the energy of the melody picks up and gets you rocking out to the sound. Between the drums and guitars, it is almost impossible to avoid the high-octane energy of the track being pumped directly into your veins. Throughout the single, there are these guitar riffs that lick up your side, that tickle your brain. While you can hear the light touches of different guitar styles, they all come together for an infectious movement that is all Rogue Proxy.

While you are rocking out to the energy of the melody, the vocals use innuendo to bring the message of the track to life. The lyrics use hunting terminology to bring the feeling of a sniper following your every move. This all comes to a head on the chorus as the trigger is pulled and the flashes of cameras fill the soundscape. The chorus is really powerful as it takes the energy of the melody to another level. It is undeniably catchy and you may find yourself shouting out with the band as you turn the volume up.

Rogue Proxy fills ‘Paparazzi Sniper’ with an infectious energy, innuendo-laced lyrics and a catchy chorus that you can’t help but rock out to. The melody hits the ground running with a building energy that doesn’t let up for a second. The vocals take the energy of the track to another level of infectiousness.

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