Track of the Day: The Bad Egg – Set Me On Fire

Describing himself as “supa-space-fuckin-freak-blues-rock”, The Bad Egg is the solo project of singer-songwriter Philipp Eggenberger. Hailing from Switzerland, Eggenberger began his music career early in life as a 13-year-old performing with the Street Parade – an alternative-rap group. From thereon, Eggenberger performed with various bands attracting the attention of independent industry professionals. He released his debut EP as part of Amplitude in 2007, but the need to experiment as an individual artist was overwhelming and in 2015 The Bad Egg was formed. The latest addition to The Bad Egg’s discography is ‘Set Me On Fire’.

Showcasing his innovativeness and versatility as an artist, The Bad Egg fuses the classic rock sounds of yesteryear with 21st-century alternative-rock. Reminiscent of Muddy Waters meets Three Days Grace, ‘Set Me On Fire’ is both explosive and smooth in its delivery. With dynamic instrumentation, particularly the blues-driven guitar, the track is moving, endearing and really just an amazing rock ballad.

Touching on elements of unconscious potential, ‘Set Me On Fire’ is empowering, endearing and inspirational. The genuineness and sincerity of the song are further enhanced by The Bad Egg’s throaty vocals. Direct, straightforward and oozing raw honesty, ‘Set Me On Fire’ crawls under your skin, warm your soul and put a hypnotic smile on your face.

For more from The Bad Egg check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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