For Tuesday – The Summer Went (2020)

For Tuesday has attempted to bottle the spirit of summer 2020 with his single ‘The Summer Went’. Infusing the fear and uncertainty many felt into the song, he mixes it with the boredom created by lockdown and COVID restrictions. While hitting you with these emotions, he also threads the wish to hit the brakes and go back to a simpler time.

While the song uses his own emotions from the summer, there is a lot that everyone can connect with. Mark Ferris, the man behind the music, is still exploring the sounds of this solo project but grounds you in something familiar. Using waves of nostalgia with the roiling feelings of the last summer, he introduces you to what he has to offer.

‘The Summer Went’ has a light opening that draws you into a relaxed atmosphere. The flow of the melody has an easy vibe to it mixed with a summery feel. The tone makes you think of warm days with clear skies and a gentle breeze. The pulse of guitars hit you with a wave of nostalgia as you are thrown into wishing for a time gone by. While you are filled with this nostalgia, the music also injects a sense of endless feelings.

Ferris’ vocals continue the nostalgic and relaxed vibe of the track. There is an airiness to his performance as it floats around you. He effortlessly draws you into the lyrics that fill you with a sense of monotonous summer days and the longing for how things used to be. While there is a sense of something familiar in the music, there is also feeling of something new.

For Tuesday bottles the spirit of the past summer in ‘The Summer Went’ filling you with uncertainty and longing for the past. The single has a sense of familiarity to it, but there is also enough uniqueness to keep you engaged. If you enjoyed the song, his next is just as exciting and you could win a drum machine on his Instagram.

Find out more about For Tuesday on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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