Track of the Day: The English Rain – Baby Please

Brisbane-based duo The English Rain is not a new band to The Other Side Reviews. We have featured this Australian group at least twice before reviewing their singles ‘My Town‘ and ‘She’s A Rainbow‘, so what more can we have to say about them? Well, it turns out there’s a lot to be said about this evolving indie-pop-rock-country-folk group.

If you need a little recap on who The English Rain is (or you didn’t know to begin with), here’s a brief background. Founded by veteran musicians Neil Steward and Steve Boom, The English Rain began as a writing partnership. With Steward residing in Perth and Boom living in Brisbane, their songwriting collaboration was entirely digital; however, after amassing a large catalogue of singles the twosome decided to record a debut album in 2019. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Baby Please’.

A duet featuring Cassi Maree and Alister Bell, ‘Baby Please’ is a twang-pop ballad focusing on relationships and the emotions involved when the love affair ends. Combining the dulcet tones of Bell with soothing vocals from Maree, The English Rain has created a mellow, heartwarming and easy to listen to single. Can talking about a break-up be heartwarming? I don’t know…perhaps it’s more heart-wrenching and overwhelming. Reminiscent of The Beatles, this indie-rock meets jangly-pop track is melancholic, emotional and enchanting.

“It was written one morning as we were getting ready to go out. I picked up a guitar and started singing some ideas and Tammy, who was putting her make up on, started singing lines back to me. By the time we left to go out for breakfast, we had finished the song. When we arrived home we recorded a demo which is very similar to the finished recording. The blending of Cassi and Alister’s voices brought the song to life.” – Steve Boom on ‘Baby Please’

‘Baby Please’ is the third single from The English Rain’s upcoming album Echoes of You.

For more from The English Rain check out their official website, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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