The English Rain – My Town (2020)

The English Rain is a Brisbane-based duo with the unique ability to fuse genres seamlessly into single tracks. Unable to define their style, we’ll just refer to The English Rain as pop-rock-indie-boogie-country. According to founders and bandmates, Steve Boom and Neil Steward, The English Rain’s only aim is to write songs that resonate with people or, hopefully, just make you sing along. Accompanied by different eclectic artists they pursue this goal with their debut track ‘My Town’.

‘My Town’ was written in 2006 after the passing of Go-Betweens co-founder Grant McLennon. After receiving a phone call about the death of McLennan, Boom picked up his guitar and wrote ‘My Town’ – a song about the places he used to visit, but also about his personal love of Brisbane. As is mentioned, The English Rain collaborate with different musicians to enhance the variety of their sound. The vocals for ‘My Town’ are provided by Alister Bell from Speedstar.

The acoustic guitar and percussion combined with piano make a good backing for Bell’s effortless vocals. The uplifting tone of Bell’s voice gives ‘My Town’ a nostalgic feeling alongside a rather upbeat summer tune. This does not mean the instruments are any less impressive. The integration of electric guitars with acoustic guitars, synths and piano is an intricate web of complexity, calmness and being totally cool! Needless to say, I quite like ‘My Town’. If this is The English Rain’s debut track I can’t wait for more!

You can enjoy more from The English Rain on their official website, Spotify and Facebook.

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