Track of the Day: The Fiasco – Fairytale

Contradictio in adjecto goes the saying in Latin, that all dictionaries tell us means a contradiction in terms. In the art (and business) of music, this would imply that a lot of artists, particularly bands giving themselves names that are completely opposite to the music they’re making. It could be the style of music or it could be its quality. That is the first association you get when you get in contact with The Fiasco, a four-piece from Wakefield, UK and their latest single ‘Fairytale.’ So, where’s the contradiction? Well, it could be two-fold.

First of all, there’s certainly in the name of the band, as can be heard in the quality of ‘Fairytale’, full of some great playing and infectious pop/rock sounds they are pursuing. No fiasco there, for sure. Secondly, it could be in that ‘Fairytale’ title of the song. You see (or better said, hear), The Fiasco favour that harder edge side of pop/rock where the guitars dominate and you have to turn on the volume as high as it gets, open for windows and enjoy yourself. Oh, and annoy those pesky neighbours as much as possible at the same time. While it starts out a bit subdued, the song develops into a real rock anthem that begs repeated listens.

It certainly seems that their previous two singles have had that kind of an effect as The Fiasco achieved radio play on over 40 radio stations each and both hit over 10k streams. And it seems that ‘Fairytale’ is going to actually turn The Fiasco’s dream into reality, or make their fairytale a reality. Since its release, the song has had 8.5k streams and the band gained 6.4k more listeners. A fairytale indeed, guys.

For more from The Fiasco check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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