Jared DeMeester – Lobster Song (2021)

Born into a creative family, US-based Jared DeMeester has been surrounded by music from all genres. He shares that there would be “James Taylor humming in my mom’s Sony CFS-200, ‘Chet Baker Songs’ crackling on a turntable. Louis Prima shouting about pennies on our TV”, so it’s no wonder that DeMeester has an eclectic approach to music. Featured on Indie For Bunnies, Phork and various playlists, the Michigan native is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest single to his growing repertoire is ‘Lobster Song’.

Following his single ‘Hummingbird’, DeMeester throws out a heartwarming folk tune in ‘Lobster Song’. Piano-driven, the acoustic single showcases the beauty of simplicity in music, particularly with the basic chords underlying his almost spoken-word vocals. Charming and sincere, ‘Lobster Song’ is a soft song but bursting with forcefulness in its intimacy. In other words, DeMeester has you leaning forward to hear the track but bowls you over with its message and intensity.

I can’t compare DeMeester to anyone because I have yet to come across anything as powerful in its hushed tone. Recorded in his bedroom in Chicago, ‘Lobster Song’ invokes smiles with its pleasant execution; it is as if it bounces on your heart, filling your soul and leaving you with goosebumps. This makes sense as the song is about finding true love but also the pain of search for and waiting to find this soulmate. The melancholic tones are so accurate of wanting love but possibly not finding it.

DeMeester shares that ‘Lobster Song’ is “…loosely inspired by an iconic scene from the 90s sitcom Friends. Encouraging a heartsick Ross Geller in his off-and-on love story with Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay famously claims that they are one another’s lobster. Lobsters fall in love and mate for life that you can actually see old lobster couples walking around their tank holding claws.” Such a moving scene but also heartbreaking if you can’t find your lobster. I think we’re all hoping for our lobsters and DeMeester has the anthemic soundtrack to this concept. I know I said ‘lobster’ a lot in this paragraph but, hey, it is a lobster song.

For more from Jared DeMeester check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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