Track of the Day: The Shadowboxers – The Slow March of Time Flies By

Hailing from Los Angeles (by way of Atlanta, Georgia), The Shadowboxers are a Cali trio playing a unique blend of pop-rock. Combining pop-rock with funk and blues, the group have brought us harmonies for over a decade. In fact, 2019 was the ten-year anniversary of Matt Lipkins, Scott Tyler and Adam Hoffman as The Shadowboxers. The latest offering from the group who once supported Indigo Girls and Justin Timberlake is ‘The Slow March of Time Flies By’.

‘The Slow March of Time Flies By‘ is a melodious combination of instrumentation and strong baritones. Typically, a heartwarming track similar to The Band Camino with HUNNY-style hooks, ‘The Slow March of Time’ is both boisterous and subdued.

” ‘The Slow March of Time Flies By’ is both the most personal and most universal song we’ve ever written. Its simplicity feels like a return to square one for us, while its delivery feels like a giant leap forward. Our career has meandered its way through a decade and it has felt slow and methodical until it hasn’t. While there are many elements of our journey that are completely unique to us, there is no one who can’t relate to the feeling of wondering where the time has gone” – Scott Tyler of The Shadowboxes on ‘The Slow March of Time Flies By’

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