Track of the Day: Specialists – Down N Out

Wild Cherry sang “play that funky music, white boy”, and I’m sure Specialists heard him loud and clear! The epitome of funk-rock, the New York-based band are sharing their funkiness with everyone – and it’s not half bad. Originally formed as a duo, the “Will and Mikey” team has evolved into a fully-fledged band with drums, keyboards, bass, guitar, everything you need for a rockin’ band. ‘Down N Out’ is their latest release and the most polished to date.

Using a true DIY approach to recording, ‘Down N Out’ was written and produced at Will Harden’s Staten Island house using Mikey’s portable recording setup. The song is a true representation of Specialists with dynamic guitars, well-placed synths, and groovy vocals to round it off. Step back Wild Cherry ’cause Specialists are here to stay.

Down n Out is an ambitious funk song with real attitude. The song was written with the intention of getting listeners moving with a newfound self-confidence. It is a song about a victorious emotional breakthrough. It a song of victory that’ll get your feet moving and your head banging because you feel so good. – Specialists on ‘Down n Out’

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