Track of the Day: The Vice – Things I Tell Myself

Using the moniker The Vice, Copenhagen-based multi-instrumentalists Jesper Klinge and Mikkel Dahl compose eclectic indie songs. Adopting the DIY approach for complete honesty, the Danish duo self-record and self-produce all of their music. Inspired by iconic experimentalists, such as Kate Bush and The Beach Boys, The Vice explores contemporary Americana, rock and electronica creating genre-bending music. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Things I Tell Myself’.

Well-known on the Danish music scene, The Vice already has a reputation for being engaging and diverse in their musical style. The follow-up to their well-received debut single ‘F.U.’, ‘Things I Tell Myself’ is a synth-driven track showing a strong 1980’s pop influence. Known for their melancholic lyrics, the vocals are poignant and insightful created as an inner monologue throughout the track. Oddly enough, while the vocals are wistful, ‘Things I Tell Myself’ gives off a bold sense of comfort.

“It may sound weird as almost all of my songs are dealing with some kind of melancholic loneliness, but it’s always been very important to me to find the stuff in there that makes me laugh. I guess I found a way to welcome my sadness with a smile and I truly hope that translates in our music.” – Mikkel Dahl

For more from The Vice, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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