Daulton Hopkins – I’m Okay And So Are You (2020)

Fear, anxiety and anger are all emotions that can fester and negatively impact all aspects of life including relationships. Fortunately, Daulton Hopkins is here to help with his new single ‘I’m Okay and So Are You’. As the title hints, this track reminds us that life is too good to let these negative emotions overtake us. It also admits that all relationships have their issues and difficulties, but that does not mean you should bypass them completely.

Bringing a sense of us all being in this together, Hopkins uses some 80s pop inspirations to grab your attention. A guitarist and singer, Hopkins imbues his personality into his music. There is an accompanying video for the single where you can listen to the track in all its glory.

‘I’m Okay and So Are You’ gently gets your attention with this progressive opening that is all light notes and soft guitar lines. The beat hits you at the same time as Hopkins’ vocals. It is a driving beat that works with some background synths to create the flowing melody. You can vaguely hear the influence of 80s pop, but this is a very unique single. The layers of the melody combine to create this plush backing for the vocals.

Hopkins has a very soothing voice that drifts softly over you as you relax into the melody. His vocals put you into this space where you can calmly take in what he is saying. His performance has an honesty that, while not brutal, really hits you in the chest. It is a strange combination of openness and floating that makes the message of the track clearer.

Daulton Hopkins helps you admit that all relationships have pain points, but that life is too good to get bogged down by this in ‘I’m Okay and So Are You’. His vocals have this openness as they float against the driving beat and light synths of the melody. You can easily fall back into the single and let all the elements wash over you.

Find out more about Daulton Hopkins on his Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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