Track of the Day: Wood Ewe – Commuter

Performing under the name Wood Ewe, songwriter and producer Iain Henderson releases some intriguing synthy-poppy-indie-folky music. I can’t really choose a genre for Wood Ewe, but it’s probably within that range if choosing one at all. Blending elements of his small-town folk/blues background with modern electronic sounds, Henderson produces a psychedelic sound for the 21st century. His latest single is ‘Commuter’.

Similar to his previous work, such as the 2020 single ‘U-209’, ‘Commuter’ has a strong electronic vibe. However, ‘Commuter’ is set apart as it finds an intricate balance between psychedelic synths and indie-pop vocals. The track is not only one to chill to after a raucous Friday night, as well as something to get you moving. I look forward to more of this.

“I wrote Commuter when I was using public transport for a lot of UV treatment and, unlike a lot of my tracks, it felt like it wrote itself from beginning to end. It was a fun opportunity to not take myself too seriously and the neuroses of the daily grind acted as a great vehicle for switching between two voices – the severe and the sarcastic.” – Wood Ewe on ‘Commuter’

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